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Panther Vision POWERCAP™ 3555 Beanie

Power Cap™ 3555

CAD: $33.25 (C)

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  • Delivers twice the light output of any lighted cap on the market
  • 4 ultra-bright LEDs
    • 2 LEDs pointing outward for distance applications
    • 2 LEDs angled downward for close and medium task applications
  • 48 lumens of light output
  • 43 hours run time
  • 13 meters forward lighting
  • Adjustable hook and loop tape closure
  • Solid colored caps, 100% polyester fleece.  97% polyster/3% spandex
  • Four replaceable lithium CR-2032 batteries
  • One size fits most

The Best Cap For:

  • All Applications
  • General Purpose and Task Lighting
  • Corporate Premiums

Available Colors:  Realtree Xtra(WB-4539), Blaze Orange(WB-4546), Navy(WB-4737), Black(WB-4553), Olive(WB-5505), Hi Viz Lime(WB-5529), Radiant Orchid(WB-5628), Realtree Max 5(WB-5659)

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